Mission Statement

 The specific objectives and purposes of this corporation shall be to engage in the successful development of a sustainable Inter Tribal Gathering on the last weekend of the month of June, each year, for the mutual benefit of all cultures. Our specific goals are as follows:
a. To provide education through a social structure in which a group of individuals are bonded together through commonality to foster and strengthen the Indian identity and gender roles that support family interaction and local tradition to empower them and their children with the information necessary to maintain their ethnic identity;
b. To educate and display cultural uniqueness to the public to provide a healing process that strengthens community and cultural understanding;
c. To provide a gathering where Native American people enact culture through music and dance for the purpose of honoring the traditions of Native American Ancestors;
d. To provide a venue to increase tourism and provide a culture for local artists to display and sell their merchandise.
e. To recognize and honor veterans and their families for service and many sacrifices.